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Frequently asked questions

Can my PIR be overridden?

Why do my bulbs flicker?

Does touching halogen bulbs influence its life expectancy?

How can I see if a luminaire can be used outdoor?

Which luminaire can I use in my bathroom?

Different types of light?

What are Volt, Watt, lumen, ??

What is the cheapest light?

Does dimming lights also have an economical influence, or is it just about creating atmosphere?

Can my luminaire be dimmed, and if so what type of dimmer should I use?

How much light do I need in my room?

Halogen 12V sets ? How do I calculate cable sizing ?

Are the Massive inox articles of solid inox, or is it a thin layer of inox?

Are the Massive copper articles of solid copper, or is it a thin layer of copper?

How do I clean inox or stainless steel?

What is the difference between low voltage (230V) and very low voltage (12V) spots?

What are the advantages of GU10 and G9 bulbs?

What happens if I use a higher wattage bulb, then the one prescribed on the box and label?

Are all ceilings suited for recessed spots? What is the minimum recessed distance, and why is it so important?

What is the difference between an electronical and a conventional ballast?

Can I always use a ceiling light as a wall light?

What do I have to check if I want to use an energy saving bulb?

What is the use of a protection glass?

Can I add light points to my 12V system? How do I calculate cable sizing?

What are the different kind of transformers, and which are used in Massive products?

Can I combine PIR outdoor lights and energy saving bulbs?

What is the minimum load for my transformer I should respect?

Which warranty period does Massive offer?

How can I verify when my Massive article was placed on the market?

Why do ceiling lamps have to be mounted with a distance ring in Finland?

Is it possible to lengthen the cables of my luminaire?

What is the electrical classification of my product?

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